August 2006

[originally posted in August 2006 on, copied and posted here on 4/11/2009]

July 25, 2006

Dear Memphis Area Mountain Dulcimer Players;
    We had a great meeting at the beginning of July, and
I am looking forward to another exciting time on August 6, 2006. 
We will again meet at Carla’s house from 3 to 5pm.  

    At the last meeting someone suggested that we play the songs that
we have tabbed in the key of G, so that is what we will do.
    So, tune your middle string down one step from A to G and you’ll be
ready to go!  Now you can practice the following tunes prior to our
        Amazing Grace
        Angelina Baker
        Barlow Knife
        Down the Road
        Flop Eared Mule
        Handsome Molly
        Indian on a Stump
        The Spanish Lady
        Will the Circle be Unbroken
    If you really want to try something different, try to play these in
the key of G by capoing your dulcimer in DAd at the third fret.  Now
you will be in the key of G.  However, the tab won’t work (except for
Down the Road, which has the tune tabbed out for both).  You’ll have to
play most of the tunes “by ear”.
    If we have any time remaining during the meeting we will tune back to DAd and play your requests.
    I have been feeling somewhat better during the last three days and
hope this continues.  I look forward to seeing you for our August

Bob and a Blue Lion Mountain Dulcimer

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