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September 2006

[originally posted in August 2006 on, copied and reposted here on 4/11/2009]

Dulcimer players,
    The Memphis Area Dulcimer Club Meeting will not be held on the
usual first Sunday of September due to the Labor Day weekend.  We will,
however, meet on the second Sunday of September on the 10th day of the
month, 3-5 p.m..  The meeting will be held at Carla’s house.
    We had a good time last month playing songs tabbed
in DGd.  We should have an equally good time (maybe even better)
playing songs, as you requested, that use a capo.  So….., don’t
forget your capo on Sunday, September 10.  The songs we will play
            Ruben’s Train (capo 1)
            Shady Grove (capo 1; we can sing this one also)
            The Coventry Carol  (capo 4)
            Hashiveinu (capo 1; we need to practice this one)
            Ned of the Hill (capo 3)
            Bourree   (capo 1)
            Home on the Range (capo 3)
            The Bold Fenian Men  (capo 1)
            Down the Road (capo 3)
            The Little Beggarman  (capo 1)
the Circle be Unbroken (capo 3; I will have tab for this)
    Yes, we will play them in the order above.  You
might ask; “Why don’t we plan all the Eminor songs together, all the G
songs together, etc.?”      My response:
“Because we need to gain experience changing the capo.”  Don’t
know if this is a valid response, but that’s my thinking.
    Hope to see you on the 10th of September.
    By the way, have you signed up for the upcoming
Memphis Dulcimer Gathering and Folk Festival?  If not, and you
need information go to  We would like to
see you there also.