October 2006

[originally posted in October 2006, on www. Memphis-Dulcimer.com, copied and posted here on 4/11/2009]

Congratulations to Memphian Bob Hastings who attended workshops at the
second annual Memphis Dulcimer Gathering & Folk Festival and won a
Rick Thum hammer dulcimer in a drawing at the concert Saturday,
September 30, 2006!

Bob Hastings wins hammer dulcimer

And, thank you to everyone who brought snacks to the October
meeting!!!! They were delicious and we enjoyed them during our break!

In our October meeting we enjoyed the practice of  playing chords
in different octaves to accompany our singing.  Finding the right
octave for the accompaniment is something that just takes a little
practice.  If blend of your singing and playing don’t seem to
match, try changing the chord location on your instrument. 
Sometimes playing an octave higher than your singing sounds better and
sometimes it’s the other way around. . . just keep trying!!

See ya in November!


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