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April 2007

[originally posted in March 2007 on www., copied and reposted here on 4/11/2009]

Fellow Memphis Area Dulcimer Players:
    March is “flying by” and before we know it our
meeting date will be upon us!   So……., let’s get ready!
    We will meet on Sunday afternoon, April 1 (but it is
no joke), from 3 – 5 pm at Carla’s house.  The next Sunday will be
Easter, so if you have any Easter music that you would like to play and
feel OK about copying it, we would appreciate it.  I’ll check my
music files to see what I can bring.  
    We will play those we missed playing at our last meeting
        Ruben’s Train
        Forked Deer
        Columbus Stockade Blues (melody, chords, harmony)
        Paradise (chords, melody, sing)
        Red is the Rose (We played this one last time, some
            melody, some chords, some harmony; I’ll bring the
        Were You There (Easter song)
        Other Easter music or requests.
    Please join us for a good time.

Welcome back, Marie!

For more information about our monthly meeting call Carla at:  901-270-3585.