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May 2007 Meeting

[originally posted in April 2007 on, copied and reposted here with changes in formatting on 4/11/2009]

Memphis Area Dulcimer Club Members:
Our next meeting will be on Sunday afternoon, May 6, 2007 from 3 – 5 pm at Carla’s house.
At this meeting I would like to play the four part version of Amazing Grace that we did at our last meeting.
Also, I will bring some copies of the “Crawdad Song”; “You get a line and I’ll get a pole……..”; remember that one?

And, I will also have tab for “Mole in the Ground” which we, in Memphis, can relate to. I obtained these two tabs from Joe Collins’ website; ; you may want to visit his website to get copies of tab for these two songs and others.
If you have some favorites at the meeting we will take your requests and play them as well.
At the last meeting we announced that Gary Swinger asked if any of us were interested in jamming at the “Pizza for Life” event at Oak Court Mall this coming Saturday (April 21) afternoon. Initially, Gary thought we would play from noon until about 1 pm, but they (the Northeast Memphis Optimist Club, who is sponsoring the event) would rather we play from 1:30 to about 2:30 pm. If you would like to join us in playing for this worthy event contact Gary at:
gsswinger at
or call him at (901) 386-8221(home) or 901-412-8365 (cell)
See you at the next meeting or at Oak Court Mall.

May 2007

[originally posted in April 2007 on www., copied and reposted here on 4/11/2009]

Hey Sweet Music Friends!

Hope you are strummin’ wherever you are!! 

The May meeting of the Memphis Area Mountain Dulcimer Club will be the first Sunday in May at my house, as usual. 

Last month we had a great meeting!  I enjoyed seeing and hearing everyone, and look forward to our next meeting in May.

Check back soon for the information regarding the music we will play.

There have been a few problems with the website, and I hope to have those things cleared up ASAP!  I apologize for ANY confusion there has been!!!!

Call me if you have any questions about the next meeting.

Strummin’ as often as I can,

Carla Maxwell