[originally posted in October 2007 on, copied and reposted here with corrected formatting on 4/11/2009]

Hi Folks! 

The location for the Memphis Area Mountain Dulcimer Club October meeting has changed.  
The monthly club meeting, which is normally held in my home, is being relocated for the October 2007 meeting. The meeting, October 7th, will be held in Linda and Bob Magowan’s home from 3-5 p.m. The Magowans live not too far from my house. 
For more information about the Memphis Area Mountain Dulcimer Club meetings, please use the contact button at the left to email me or to contact Bob, the club president.  We love to “talk dulcimer,” and we certainly enjoy meeting others who are dulcimer enthusiasts. 
Max, Alex and I have an opportunity for a family weekend trip. We are driving to Ohio for a Maroon 5 concert….an event from Alex’s Fall Break Wish I Could Do This List. Alex loves music, too, and she is quite an M5 fan. So we’re loadin’ up and headin’ out for a roadtrip to Columbus, OH, to see their concert. 
I will miss being at the meeting. I enjoy it soooo much!!
Keep strummin’ 
Carla Maxwell

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