See you January 6, 2008 Happy New Year!!

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Greetings fellow dulcimer players:
Our first meeting of the coming new year will be on January 6, 2008. We will again meet at Carla’s house and we thank Carla for hosting the meetings during this past year.

At this meeting we will be playing your old favorites so have some suggestions as to what tunes you would like to play. If you come and don’t have tablature for the tunes, don’t worry because we will make you a copy at the meeting. 

As usual, the meeting will be from 3 – 5pm on this first Sunday of the year. 
Here are some additional upcoming dulcimer events: 
The January Dulcimer Gathering will be held at Lindenwood Christian Church on Jan. 18 – 19, 2008. Featured will be Larry Conger teaching intermediate mountain dulcimer, Lee Cagle teaching beginner mountain dulcimer and Betty Dawson teaching hammered dulcimer.
For more information about the schedule and program go to: 
Additionally, Carla Maxwell will be having some dulcimer activity for us with some people passing through the Memphis Area. Some of these dulcimer greats will be Butch Ross and Christy Burns, Steve Eulberg and Adrian Kosky. Stay tuned for more information on this later. 
Additional information about the club and dulcimer activity in Memphis can be obtained at Carla’s website: 
I am looking forward to a great new dulcimer year and I hope you are also. 
See you on January 6th. 
Have a blessed Christmas and a wonderful New Year! 

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