February 3, 2008, Club Meeting at Carla’s House

[Previously posted in January 2008 on www.Memphis-Dulcimer.com , copied and reposted with changed formatting here on 4/11/2009.]

Greetings fellow dulcimer players!
The next meeting of the Memphis Area Dulcimer Club will be Sunday, February 3, 2008, from 3-5pm at Carla’s house.

Memphis Area Mountain Dulcimer Club President, Bob Magowan

Bring your capos to this meeting (if you don’t have one you can borrow one from those of us that have at least two) – we will be playing a number of songs in E minor (capo on fret #1).
However, we will start our meeting by playing the “Dulcimer National Anthem” to warm up. 

Then we’ll go to the songs in E minor like: 
Rubens Train (900 miles). Yes, I know we played this at our last meeting, but I think you will agree it is a fun song and we know it. 
The Little Beggarman (also known as The Red Haired Boy). Marie Kirby suggested that we play this song. 
While capoed at fret #1 we will also try: 
The Bold Fenian Men, 
Hashiveninu (as a round) Gail Weesner
arranged this one. 
By the time we finish the above we will probably have enough of the E minor songs so we will play some of your favorites by request. 
If you need tab for the above songs email me at: (magowandulcimers@comcast.net), and I will have copies ready for you at the meeting. 
Hope to see you there.

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