Memphis Area Mountain Dulcimer Club Meeting March 2008

[originally posted in February 2008 on , copied and reposted here on 4/11/2009]

Greetings dulcimer players:

Our last meeting was an enjoyable one as we played songs in E minor. If you were not able to attend you missed a good time!

Our March meeting will be on Sunday afternoon, March 2 from 3-5pm at Carla’s house. Since we deviated from our standard DAd in February, let’s try a little more deviation by playing some of the songs we have in DGD (key of G). All it will take is tuning our middle string down to G from A. If you really want a challenge you can try to play these songs by capoing on fret number 3!

Some of the songs we will be playing are:

Bile Dem Cabbage (I know we don’t have this one tabbed in G, so try to find it on your dulcimer)

Angelina Baker

Barlow Knife

Close to Thee (Flat picked)

Cock O’ The North Jig

Flop Eared Mule

Handsome Molly

The Spanish Lady (flat picked)

Will the Circle be Unbroken

If you do not have tablature to these songs email me at magowandulcimers @ and I will have copies made up for you at the meeting.

Hope to see you there.


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