Steve Eulberg –Thank You for a Wonderful House Concert!!

Hey Everyone,

Wow, I wish ALL my friends and family could have been in my living room for Steve’s performance.  It was terrific!  Steve might have thought he had a bit of a challenge, I imagine, in winning over the hearts of the folks who were not familiar with his music and didn’t know him.  However, it seemed getting everyone’s toes tapping and heads nodding and car keys jingling was as easy as eating a piece of cheese cake, if ya know what I mean!! 

Steve Eulberg is an interesting and entertainingly friendly fellow.  He came from Colorado to the Folk Alliance’s Internatonal Folk Festival show case at the Marriott in downtown Memphis and for his part in a board meeting of the Local 1000 (traveling musicians’ union).  He was a busy person as he kept his head, heart, and music in the two places he needed to be:  downtown amidst the international business and performances of folk music and the cozy comfortable dulcimer folk world in my living room….and he did a beautiful job of it. 

I’m on the road again!  Right now I’m sitting at the office computer in the Shack Up Inn in Clarksdale, MS.  I’ll write more later…about the documentary film making that is going on down here in the Delta. 

Just wanted to say hello, thank Steve, and tell everyone who joined in the fun at my house concert last Friday that I appreciate your trusting me to help provide you with one more evening of friendship and sweet music in our wonderful world.

More later….

With love and music in my heart, 

Your friend,


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