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May 4, 2008 Monthly Club Meeting

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Hi Friends!

Don’t look now!….but I am away again!! Over here in beautiful East Tennessee this time at the Smoky Mountain Banjo ACADEMY…..
That’s right! I’ve flown the coop momentarily………or been thrown for a loop…… temporarily!!

But…please don’t worry, my musical heart belongs to the sweet music and beautiful Magowan mountain dulcimer(s!). In fact….I’ve skipped a class to write this to you! But PLEASE don’t tell the Banjo Guru!! ….Oh…well…go ahead…when the truth’s the truth…whatelsecanyado?…

Anyway I think my music worlds have struck a chord and are preparing to collide any day now, ifyaknow what I mean?!

Sorry…I got sidetracked…thinkin’ ’bout my banjo…


(…insert: 4-24-08: and now I’ve just thrown in this picture of the peacock that was a most beautiful sight to see over there in East Tennessee…just cuz I can…[finally figured out the trick to add new pics!]…)
but here’s the info on our next club meeting. I look forward to hearing you…and seeing you, too! Love y’all!

Yer Strummin’ Up Friend,


P.S. My friends and I will be playin’ on the porch at the zoo the day before the next Memphis Area Mountain Dulcimer club meeting. Come on over if ya have a chance..tap yer toes…maybe dance!

P.S.S……Here’s a note from the Prez……


Our next Memphis Area Mountain Dulcimer Club Meeting will be on Sunday, May 4, 2008 from 3 – 5 pm at Carla’s house.

We had an enjoyable April meeting as we played our favorite tunes in E minor. Since we did not get to the DGd tunes we will play them at this upcoming meeting in May.

So, tune that middle string to G, one step down from A, and be ready to play:

Bile Dem Cabbage (We don’t have tab for this one, but I think you can get it)

Angelina Baker (melody and harmony)
Barlow Knife (melody and harmony)
Cluck Ol’ Hen (Capo on 1st fret; this will be a challenge, but let’s try this fun song)
Close To Thee
Cock O’ The North
Flop-Eared Mule
Handsome Molly

If any of you are attending the Dulcimer Jamboree in Mountain View, AR on April 24-26, Joe Collins will be teaching a workshop on “Playing in DGd” from 9 – 10:30 am, Friday, April 25. Maybe Joe will give us permission to copy some of his tablature to distribute to our club members.

I would also like to tell you that Erin and Amber Rogers will be in Memphis on Saturday and Sunday, May 31- June 1 and will be doing a concert Saturday evening at 8pm at Howard Vance Guitar Academy, 978 Reddoch Cove with a reception to follow. Tickets are $15 in advance and $20 at the door. You can get tickets by calling 767-6940.

The girls will also be giving private lessons and workshops at the Academy. I will give you more detailed information about this later.

Hope to see you at the May meeting.


Mountain View, Arkansas

Hi Friends,

Just came across this article (click here) about Mountain View and the Ozark Folk Center.  I understand several of the Memphis Area Mountain Dulcimer Club members will be attending the mountain dulcimer workshops in Mountain View later this month, so I thought some of you might be interested in this article.  
Keep strummin’…or pickin’…but definitely grinnin’!

On the Road Again!

Hey Friends!

Sorry I was late posting the club info.

I’ve been on the road again. Well…Alex and I have been on the road(s) again. And my dulcimers have accompanied me beautifully.

During Alex’s spring break (from her SENIOR year, believe it or not!), we traveled to Frenchburg, Kentucky, and stayed at a lovely mountain place called The Journey’s End Lodge. The lodge is nothing fancy, but we like to stay there every time we go back to Kentucky to visit family.

Alex and I did some visiting, some shopping, of course, and I played my dulcimer for my Kentucky relatives in their home. It doesn’t take too much twisting of my arm to get me to play a tune or two when I’m visiting with my relatives or friends. My Magowan dulcimer is something I truly enjoy showing off.

Last Wednesday, we left Memphis from Alex’s high school’s parking lot on a huge tour bus headed to San Antonio, Texas, where she would compete with her band in a concert festival. This is Alex’s 6th year playing the tuba!! She will be the first band student to graduate from her school with that many years of tuba playing behind her. I’m posting this video of her band’s performance, simply because I am extremely proud of my girl and her accomplishment with that fine instrument. We suffered many tears in the early years, as she learned that thang, but believe me…she’s the heart of the band now….and I am a beaming, happy mom, when I hear her tuba voice joining in on that first tuning note. She has one more concert before graduation, and I would love for all of my friends to get the chance to hear her and her beautiful band. The concerts are free, and all you have to do is let me know you are interested, and I’ll give you all the details of where and when. Enjoy the music:

See you Sunday!


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April 6, 2008 Meeting

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The April meeting of the Memphis Area Mountain Dulcimer Club will meet Sunday afternoon, April 6, 2008 from 3 – 5pm at Carla’s house.

At this meeting we will play some more of the tunes we have in E minor (capo on fret #1) and also in the key of G (the DGd tuning). As time permits we will also play some of your favorites in DAd.

Hope to see you there.