On the Road Again!

Hey Friends!

Sorry I was late posting the club info.

I’ve been on the road again. Well…Alex and I have been on the road(s) again. And my dulcimers have accompanied me beautifully.

During Alex’s spring break (from her SENIOR year, believe it or not!), we traveled to Frenchburg, Kentucky, and stayed at a lovely mountain place called The Journey’s End Lodge. The lodge is nothing fancy, but we like to stay there every time we go back to Kentucky to visit family.

Alex and I did some visiting, some shopping, of course, and I played my dulcimer for my Kentucky relatives in their home. It doesn’t take too much twisting of my arm to get me to play a tune or two when I’m visiting with my relatives or friends. My Magowan dulcimer is something I truly enjoy showing off.

Last Wednesday, we left Memphis from Alex’s high school’s parking lot on a huge tour bus headed to San Antonio, Texas, where she would compete with her band in a concert festival. This is Alex’s 6th year playing the tuba!! She will be the first band student to graduate from her school with that many years of tuba playing behind her. I’m posting this video of her band’s performance, simply because I am extremely proud of my girl and her accomplishment with that fine instrument. We suffered many tears in the early years, as she learned that thang, but believe me…she’s the heart of the band now….and I am a beaming, happy mom, when I hear her tuba voice joining in on that first tuning note. She has one more concert before graduation, and I would love for all of my friends to get the chance to hear her and her beautiful band. The concerts are free, and all you have to do is let me know you are interested, and I’ll give you all the details of where and when. Enjoy the music:

See you Sunday!


[originally posted April 2, 2008 on Memphis-Dulcimer.com, copied to this blog on 4/11/2009]

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