This is Incredible….IMHO

Hi MAMDC Members,
I just found an interesting link in my email inbox.  It came in as a dulcimer alert from the WWW.  I’m excited to share this bit of technology with you, as I have dreamed of the link’s concept for years.
I’m pasting the link at the end of this entry, but I’ll describe it a bit, in case your computer has a slow connection that makes the website difficult to load or view.
There’s a site called Seesmic which contains a video based community for discussion by topic.  It’s apparently in a testing stage still, but the video conversation that I could view was related to the mountain dulcimer…..a Homer Ledford Mountain Dulcimer owned by a doctor in Louisville, KY.  The video thread begins with the doctor explaining how her dulcimer has been repaired after a long wait since the time it was broken in an earthquake.  As shown in her video, the doctor holds the mountain dulcimer and describes it, displaying its condition from all angles via the video camera on her computer.  
After the doctor’s introduction and statements about the Ledford dulcimer, several community members posted video responses to continue the discussion.  Beside each person’s video there is a reference to the doctor’s brief profile, including city/state location, and a link to profile of the person making the video response.  The format of the website page with the video conversation looks similar to a forum like ED.  The difference is that there are fewer written words and no avatars but rather a compilation of reverse-chronologically-ordered, individual, small, video screens with play buttons (similar to Youtube’s video selections).  So a viewer could watch the videos in any order, apparently.  It was interesting to see the personalities, body language, faces, and nice to hear the voices in the conversation…things we don’t get to enjoy in a simple forum discussion.  
I started to write “things we don’t get to enjoy in an old fashioned forum”….LOL  Really….How long have you been participating in or lurking around forums on the internet?  
My first forum interest/participation was Bruce Ford’s dulcimer forum, which I have enjoyed participating in or lurking around since 2003 or 2004…  Can’t remember exactly when I joined up with that group, but I know it was after one of my Canadian friends, Marc Mathieu, encouraged me to do so during one of the mountain dulcimer weeks at Western Carolina University in Cullowhee, North Carolina.  And, my brother, Damon Linkous, has been a forum/portal host in his sailing world, and I have enjoyed watching his internet community explore and enjoy the WWW over the years….So, I know forums are not really new, but they are certainly not old fashioned! 
I am excited to see the addition of video conversations that are relevant and interesting to those of us who enjoy the dulcimer AND the internet!  Let’s strum on….full speed surfing….and full steam ahead!!
Here’s the link to the dulcimer video conversation:
I’m hoping that link works for everyone.  I visited the home page of Seesmic, and I didn’t get very far without joining up with the site.  Even after registering and providing my email address, I didn’t notice any change or transition to another page within the site.  I imagine I’ll be receiving an email with an explanation or directions for how to enjoy the Seesmic communities.  I’ll be glad to share what I learn, if anyone is interested.  

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