Thinking About My ’07 Trip To the West Coast

Today I’ve been reflecting on my dulcimer world….and the friends I have made….the places I have been…and wondering about places I might want to go….  And during my reflections and mind wanderings, I have been enjoying a review of my picture journal.  Sometimes I’m pretty snappy with my digital camera….clicking away at random but relevant sights I see throughout any journey.  And, I have been exploring a previous problem that was puzzling me….of connecting this blog to a photo gallery.  I think I have solved my problem and now want to test the solution, quality, and/or jpg resolution…
Let’s see if this works:

Hmmmm…looks like it works.  Now, you’re probably wondering…Who, What, Where, and Why?!
The pictures in this slide show are part of my collection of pics I took during my trip to San Francisco.  I enjoyed exploring the different dulcimer sounds of the West Coast, and I met really nice people along the way!  
The slide show begins with some snapshots of a meeting with the administrators of Bread & Roses, a lovely non-profit organization in San Francisco, CA.  Bread & Roses was established by Mimi Fariña in the 70’s.  
The seemingly random street pics are just scenes that I connected with as the owner of a driving school…thinking how relevant the road signs were to teaching teens to drive.  Did you know there are “coyote crossing” signs in California?  And how fast would you want to take that curve in a Camry on a cliff near Pacifica?  
The slideshow also shows some dulcimer dare devilishness…you needed to see this to believe it……..a eukele being utilized by you-know-who!
Since the slideshow seems to have worked….I’m going to try re-posting a link to a photo gallery in the sidebar.  Maybe it will work right this time.
Hope you enjoy the pics!

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