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Vacationing in Florida and Enjoying the Beach!

Hello My Musical Friends!
Just dropping in to say I’m sorry I missed our last meeting….but I am enjoying my time on our family vacation at Grayton Beach near Destin, Florida.  I went sailing with my brother, my niece, and my nephew this afternoon.  The wind was kind to us and it was an easy day to enjoy the beautiful blue waters as a dolphin joined in our fun.  Here’s a video of my brother sailing to shore with my parents aboard….but certainly not bored!  [If the video doesn’t play right away after you click on the play button, click again, or try refreshing the computer screen by clicking on the circular arrow at the top of your internet window…the arrow looks like a recycle signal…and it will reload the info on this page….for some reason that helps to get the video player to play.]  We all pitched-in to beach my brother’s the boat for the night as we headed for our nearby vacation condo to rest and order up pizza and a movie.  I’m not too “in to” the movie, so I’m sitting here with my feet up and my laptop on my lap posting this entry to share my vacation with you.
I’ve enjoyed playing my mountain dulcimer on the screened-in back porch…it’s a bit different here….playing for the palm trees but not the people who usually participate at the Memphis Zoo.  Doesn’t matter…wherever I am, I’m happy when I’m playin’ the dulcimer’s sweeeeeeeeeeet music.
I hope you are well and enjoying your summer, too.  See you soon.
Love ya!

Playing my Mountain Dulcimer and Sailing on the Deep Blue Sea

June 9, 2008…Tonight I’m in Florida in a beach condo with my feet up blogging about my vacation. I posted a short video on the dulcimerclub blog (

I’ll write more later. Just wanted to say I missed ya at our meeting! But I look forward to seeing you in July.

If you have a chance, stop by the Once Upon a Farm exhibit building at the Memphis Zoo on July 5th…I’ll be playing my mountain dulcimer there with my friends, Pat and Marti Patchell.

Hope to see ya’ll there!

Carla Maxwell
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June 8, 2008, Meeting of the Memphis Area Mountain Dulcimer Club

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Hi Friends!

Don’t forget that the club meeting is coming up this Sunday. The meeting will not be at my house….but it will be held at Bob and Linda Magowan’s house.

Unfortunately, I won’t be with you on Sunday, as I will be on the road to Destin, Florida, with my family for a week on the beach.

I hope you will have a fun time at the meeting. Don’t miss the chance to visit and play sweet music with Bob and Linda!

Here’s a peak at some pics of Bob with some fabulous musicians who dropped in for a visit with a fine luthier in February:

I’ll miss ya at the meeting, but I’ll be strummin’ in Florida, fer sure!

Love ya!

Carla Maxwell