June 8, 2008, Meeting of the Memphis Area Mountain Dulcimer Club

[previously posted in June 2008 on www.Memphis-Dulcimer.com , copied and reposted here with corrected formatting on 4/11/2009; a slide show has been deleted by GoDaddy.com]

Hi Friends!

Don’t forget that the club meeting is coming up this Sunday. The meeting will not be at my house….but it will be held at Bob and Linda Magowan’s house.

Unfortunately, I won’t be with you on Sunday, as I will be on the road to Destin, Florida, with my family for a week on the beach.

I hope you will have a fun time at the meeting. Don’t miss the chance to visit and play sweet music with Bob and Linda!

Here’s a peak at some pics of Bob with some fabulous musicians who dropped in for a visit with a fine luthier in February:

I’ll miss ya at the meeting, but I’ll be strummin’ in Florida, fer sure!

Love ya!

Carla Maxwell

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