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Back From My Latest Dulcimer Journey

Got home last night from a lovely adventure to the West Coast and elsewhere in Dulcimer World and Folk Music.  Had an OUTSTANDING TIME listening to and playing music whilst visiting with some kind folks.  

Today I am listening to the quiet in my home as I am beginning my new life/identity as the mom of a college student….My girl moved into her college dorm while I was out West, and I’ve enjoyed hearing her stories via our cell phone connections and email messages….but my house is definitely different in a weird way today.  The only reason I can say the difference is good, is because I know she is happy and excited about her new adventures through life at the college campus.  I think she and I are each enjoying comfort from knowing the other is happy and healthy and doing what needs to be done for our intellectual growth, spirituality, and peace of mind….
I’ll write about my travels soon….today, I’m vegging out.

August 2008 Club Meeting at Magowans’ House

[originally posted in 2008 on, copied and reposted here on 4/11/2009]

August 2008 Club Meeting at Magowans’ House

Greetings fellow mountain dulcimer players,

The next meeting of the MAMD Club will be Sunday afternoon, August 3 from 3 – 5pm at
the MAGOWAN’S residence. The address is 3012 Reynell Cove. If you need directions email me at: magowandulcimers at (you can use the contact button in the main menu).

At this meeting we will play some of our old favorites, so bring your dulcimers, capos, tablature, music stands and anything else you usually bring to our meetings and be ready to play.

If you need a dulcimer loan we have many hanging on our walls; you can pick any one you like. Or, if you just want to try a different dulcimer at the meeting; have you ever thought about trying a chromatic dulcimer? We have one! How about a baritone tuned to ADA to play in the key of D? We have one of those as well; in fact, we have two!
Or, how about a CanJo? Or a bass dulcimer? Come and try out one or all of these.

Hope to see you there.


News from Larry Conger and Linda Brockinton

I’m posting on my site here a note I received from Larry Conger about his duets workshop in August with Linda Brockinton. I “helped out” at their last duets workshop, although Linda and Larry are so good at modifying and adjusting workshop instruction they don’t really need my kinda help wandering around among their participants…and Larry’s wife Elaine gets the tab folders so organized for distribution that there isn’t even a need for my tab-handing-out talents!!

…enough of that rave…I’m calming down…..

Anyway, I’m posting Larry’s note here in the “members” category, because I’m a member of our Memphis Area Mountain Dulcimer Club, and I have an announcement, and because I can only place the announcement here or in the “meetings” category…for some reason…so here it is:

Larry & Elaine Conger and Linda Brockinton

Hi Friends,

Just a quick note to let you know that Linda Brockinton and I will be hosting our 3rd annual Duet Dulcimer Retreat on August 22-23, 2008 to be held at the Dixie Carter Performing Arts Center in Huntingdon, Tennessee. There will be eight hours of instruction, a dessert fellowship on Friday evening, door prizes to be given away, including a dulcimer and a Saturday evening concert in the Hal Holbrook Theater. .

Larry and Linda

For more info and a registration form, check out the flyer attached to this e-mail. Also please help us out by passing the word along to others who might be interested in attending.

Larry Conger
Dulcimerican Music
PO Box 131
Paris, TN 38242

on the web at

P.S. FROM CARLA: If you want the flyer Larry mentions…please contact Larry through his website shown above.