Back From My Latest Dulcimer Journey

Got home last night from a lovely adventure to the West Coast and elsewhere in Dulcimer World and Folk Music.  Had an OUTSTANDING TIME listening to and playing music whilst visiting with some kind folks.  

Today I am listening to the quiet in my home as I am beginning my new life/identity as the mom of a college student….My girl moved into her college dorm while I was out West, and I’ve enjoyed hearing her stories via our cell phone connections and email messages….but my house is definitely different in a weird way today.  The only reason I can say the difference is good, is because I know she is happy and excited about her new adventures through life at the college campus.  I think she and I are each enjoying comfort from knowing the other is happy and healthy and doing what needs to be done for our intellectual growth, spirituality, and peace of mind….
I’ll write about my travels soon….today, I’m vegging out.

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