Berea, Kentucky, September 2008

Yesterday I visited the craft community of Berea, Kentucky.  Many folks have found a home for their art and souls there in Berea, which is about a 30 minute drive south from Winchester, Kentucky….which is about a 15 minute drive west from Mt. Sterling, Kentucky, where my grandmother lived when I was a kid.

My trip to Berea was taken on a need-to-know basis, I reckon….as I needed to see this place I have heard about all my life and learned about through Jean Ritchie stories.  I’ve got family in the area, so I’m exploring my roots, along with music.  
Appropriately enough for me I guess, being in Berea, KY, I got sidetracked from the arts and crafts gift shops and walked right into the wrong place at the right time….and I enjoyed meeting some folks and an old Gibson guitar in the Music Makers, Inc., shop on North Broadway Street in Berea.  More about that later…
I’m sharing some of the town’s sculptures in my photo gallery.  Here’s a sample.  I’m seeing a theme that I’m liking in towns as I travel around!  These community sculptures that depict the essence of the place.  In G’town we have painted horses.  In San Francisco I busked near a big painted heart.  Here in Kentucky, Berea’s hand-crafty city is marked with these beautiful hands.  I’m liking this artsy trend.  I hope you like these pics.  
I need to go back to this place again.  I hear there is jammin’ on Thursday nights….and I spent so much time in the music shop that I didn’t get to explore the college area much.  
I did enjoy popping in to Warren May’s Dulcimer Shop.  I had a nice visit with Mr. May, and he let me play a couple of tunes on his beautiful sweet sounding, tempered scale dulcimer, as he explained what I needed to know about tempered scales vs. mathematical scales.  Interesting stuff.  I’ll write about that more later…and, of course, there are pictures involved!

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