More Pictures to Post

More traveling means more pictures….

Did a walking tour of Lexington, Kentucky.  I was in the downtown area, on my way to the Old Kentucky Theater, and snapped pics from my cell phone along the way.  Pretty random scenes.  Looking through the pictures, I think you’ll get a taste of the town and a feeling of Kentucky everyday life.

Then I drove to Bardstown, KY, and played my dulcimer in the Stephen Foster State Park.  It’s a beautiful place to strum!  A tour group was touring as I was playing My Old Kentucky Home and You Are My Sunshine.  For years and years as I have driven up and down the Bluegrass Parkway, I’ve been intending to stop at the park and play….finally did that yesterday….and it felt right…it felt peaceful and good.  Enjoy the pictures.

On the road again,


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