L.B. Woodbury’s “The Dulcimer: of the New York Collection of Sacred Music,” [an online Google Book]

Hi Folks!

Today I have allowed myself to be engrossed in randomly-Googled-up-and-musically-researched self-indulgence regarding the dulcimer……literally…ALL DAY,….as I came across a Google Book entitled,The Dulcimer: of the New York Collection of Sacred Music, by L.B. Woodbury. 
“The Dulcimer book” is amazing!  Google has provided this 365 page version of the original book printed in 1850.  Reading the music theory info that is contained in the first part of the book will provide some musical food-for-thought for most dulcimer players, I imagine.  For me, it fed me all day today….and I will enjoy taking the information in again, after what I have already gained from the book settles in.
If music theory scares you…..join my club.  I sometimes feel a bit nauseated when dreary-theory discussions fall upon my ear(y) [Sorry…HAD to add that extra letter…please don’t ask why.]  Because as my skin starts to crawl when those with lots of musical knowledge and theoretically exact facts start to yackity-yack….I realize that, as I previously realized, I really do have dangerously huge deficits, though no less desire for the knowledge, in my understanding of music academe….and I rediscover that I am nearly speechless when I want to speak up and talk about what I DO know…not to mention when I wish to help someone who might know a little less than I know.  I know this is a bit confusing….welllllllll WELCOME to my musical theory world!  LOL
Because of this part of my particularly peculiar problem of wanting to be a smarty-pants musicologist when I grow up…..I spent my day today analyzing “The Dulcimer book” info….whilst in my pajamas….not eating lunch or dinner….and winding up with a growling stomach, a headache, and a mind to do it all again as soon as I can….and I’m hoping dulcimer players around the world will virtually join me in the quest to catch up with the times in theory….and we will learn as much as we can about whatever it is we are expected to know….and then, when we strum as we sit in our club circles…..or, perhaps, while we’re pickin’ and grinnin’ out on the street busking our you-know-whats off,…..if a potentially musical theorist inquires as to our do-re-mi numbers in any DAD or other diatonicish dulcimer scale…..we might have answers for those who need to know notes.
Personally, if I could keep from getting sidetracked with the idea that this information might help me play my dulcimer….I would probably be a much better player, enjoy a healthy eating schedule, and have fewer headaches.  
But I’m not asking you to do what I do, this time….I’m just sayin’…..here’s a really good book.
Probably shouldabeen strummin’ today,
[edited after first publishing…..just added this line and the bit in italics)
[retitled on 11/18/08 — to clarify that I did not write Woodbury’s book….but I am discussing it on this blog]

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