Mountain Dulcimer Club Meeting in Memphis, TN, December 7, 2008

Here’s the news from Bob Magowan, regarding the December Memphis Area Mountain Dulcimer Club Meeting:

Mountain Dulcimer Players:

The last 2008 meeting of the Memphis Area Mountain Dulcimer Club will be on Sunday, December 7 from 3 – 5pm at our house. If you need directions please call (901) 362-3619.

Linda and I played our dulcimers for the “We Care” group at our church on Nov. 20. This is a group of old folks, a number in wheelchairs, that get together once a month for the day to relieve their caregivers a bit. Although we made many mistakes playing, the group seemed to enjoy the “performance”. We hope you have some opportunities to share your talents like this during the holidays.

At our December meeting we will play your choice of music; Christmas music or your old-time music favorites.

Below you will find an email from Thomasina regarding George Haggerty. Linda and I met George at Cullowhee last year, and even though many of you do not know him I wanted you to have the opportunity to contribute to the raffle. You might even win this beautiful, Koa dulcimer!

Hope to see many of you at our last meeting of the year.


Dear Friends,

Greetings from chilly Connecticut. As many of you may know, our dear friend, George Haggerty was in a motorcycle accident last month where he was really banged up and in the hospital was for a fair amount of time. He is now home recovering but is unable to work for a time while his body heals. As you can imagine, he has acquired medical bills, etc., that are difficult for a person to tackle while in recovery. We dulcimer people are a kind and generous tribe- Dallas Cline has spearheaded organizing a benefit concert that will include Lorraine and Bennett Hammond, Rob Brereton and me (Thomasina).

The concert will be held on January 10, 2009 in Litchfield County (but the location is still waiting to be verified.) The time will be 8:00 P.M. Tickets are a $10 donation and more info. will follow soon…

But wait! It gets BETTER!

Mary Matarainen of Laurel Mountain Dulcimers has built and donated a BEAUTIFUL dulcimer made of Koa wood, with a soundboard top of cedar and a choice of dragonfly or crown of thorns and cross soundholes. I visited with Mary yesterday and played this dulcimer and it is really a high end instrument. I would not hesitate to use this instrument for my own performances or recordings. If Folkcraft were selling it today, it would be priced at $750.00. Mary was one of Folkcraft’s main builders in the shop in Winsted before they sold the business. She learned her craft of woodworking at the Hitchcock Furniture factory before she joined Folkcraft in Winsted. For more pictures and information go to

The drawing for the raffle is DECEMBER 3, 2009. So, get your checks in soon.

RAFFLE TICKETS: $5.00 each


THREE FOR $12.00



1207 MAIN ST. APT. # 104

PLEASE INCLUDE YOUR E-MAIL ADDRESS (IF no e-mail, send regular address)

Dallas will immediately send, via e-mail, your raffle ticket number to print out and hold until the drawing.

This will be held at the St. Johnsbury Dulcimer Gathering on DECEMBER 3rd. Checks will go into the Haggerty Raffle account in the Passumsic Bank in St. Johnsbury and one check for the full amount will go to George after the drawing.

All the best,

Thomasina Levy

Connecticut State Troubadour 2005/2006

Original & Traditional Folk Music

P.O. Box 1469

Litchfield, CT 06759



(860) 567-1605

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