Our Mountain Dulcimer Teacher Friends — Larry Conger and Steve Seifert

Hi Friends,

Today I am hoping you had a lovely Thanksgiving day with your families, and I’m looking forward to seeing you at the Memphis Area Mountain Dulcimer Club meeting in December at Bob’s house!  
Also, today I enjoyed viewing the new DPNews Online Video Podcast, and I was happy to see our friend and wonderful teacher, Steve Seifert, in the show.  I’m posting it here for your convenience, but I encourage you to visit Youtube and browse the series of videos by Bing Futch.  Bing is doing a fabulous job of bringing our dulcimer world to life on the worldwide web….and I appreciate that very much!
Here’s the video:  
And…about that other teacher/friend of ours…well, you know what I think about him and his music, doncha?  
Consequently, I just want to say that Larry Conger has a new CD which he released October 1, 2008, and I’m wanting to give you easy access to finding and enjoying Larry’s sweet music….
so, that’s my news for today….If you want to know anything about after Thanksgiving sales and/or the shopping in Memphis….I’m sorry, but you’ll have to read a different blogger.  [smile]

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