Richard & Mimi Farina

I found a couple of really good musical information sites and sounds this morning!

First, here’s a Youtube video of Richard & Mimi Farina with Pete Seeger:
I love the quality of this video “Rainbow Quest with Pete Seeger (Episode #16)….the music quality as well as the film production itself.  I don’t know where in the world I was when all this music was out there in our wonderful world!  But I’m certainly glad I am blessed with these clips of dulcimer blips in my musical online world now!
The other great find is a Harvard teacher’s blog related to Harry Smith‘s Anthology of Music, and I will post the blog link here, but also I will create a separate entry and post up that info….to do it justice, you know?…..It deserves it’s own recognition.
I hope these links are clickable…the blog software is doing very weird things today! 
Strummin’ Up,
[edited same day of publishing to add another URL]

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