The End of the Week

I can’t believe it is Saturday already….it seems like I just woke up to another week of nothing to do…and tried to find something to do….and stayed at it here at my desk in my Little Yellow Room….all week.

What have I been doing lately?  
I’m having to remind myself….so I’ll just blog it.
I have updated my wall on Facebook, my place on MySpace, synced up my LinkedIn, and lived-it-up with my LiveJournal.  I have been active in Margaret Gill‘s Abundant Private Practice Wellbeing Winners practitioners’ forum, worked on my own namesite blog, cleaned up the chaos of my LYR, and I have scanned and/or resized hundreds of pictures and stored them on my hard drive, organized the pictures in my photo gallery by their year, state, city, and calendar date.  I have played my dulcimers, my banjo, and my piano.  I have skyped up Adrian down under, and I have reminisced about hosting events for friends I miss.  I have helped my daughter bake Christmas cookies and clean up the mess.  I’ve cooked a dinner or two and a couple of brekkies, too.  I’ve poetically passed on songs and site  links to some musical friends with hopes that they reach their individual and spiritual zens.  I have surfed and dreamshopped for a gray poodle that I want to love soon someday….whilst praying that I get to do some worldwide traveling, too.
I’m physically tired and mentally wired….needing a new start on something good for my heart.
I’ll stop this entry here, because if I don’t, I fear….my rhyming might lose some of its natural rhythm and timing.
[edited after publishing, to add to a category]

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