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The Little Yellow Room

It’s time to clean up The Little Yellow Room in which I work and create.  I’ve been stepping over things for a few months.  I’m wanting to post some pictures here on my blog, and I want to write about my personal history….but that seems impossible to concentrate on amidst the clutter.  As I clean it up, perhaps I’ll organize my thoughts on what I should write about where and when I have been places and about different situations earlier in my life.  

I’m feeling a tad bit inspired to continue where I was headed a couple of years ago….before the stress of life here in Germantown took a choke-hold on me.  
Must be time to clean up my space so I can better blog up my life’s timeline.

Music Therapy Self-Help With My Mountain Dulcimer

I’ve made another video showing how I help myself with mountain dulcimer musical therapy..but I am having trouble downloading the video to my computer so I can upload it to Youtube….It’s ALWAYS something!

Anyway….I think I can “embed” the video here in this dulcimer blog.  If there are advertisements on the video, I apologize.  I don’t have any control over the advertisements on the free video system.
 From The Little Yellow Room:

Jerry Rockwell’s Dulcimer Blog

I’m loving the Google Alerts that surf their way into my LYR like little gifts from the www fairy and land securely in my virtually spammed up inbox!  [I just might have to get up earlier and earlier each day to see what sweet song Mz Google Alerts will bring into my everyday.]

What I’ve got to share today will be news with new views for some, but old hat in the life of any ol’ mountain dulcitheory cat…..
Jerry Rockwell has a blog I, personally, previously knew nothing about!  AND….he’s been blogging a good while in wwwland!  
Here’s the link to a beautiful blog that……for me — usually — might just be TMI…….I hope you use or peruse, or simply embrace and enjoy!

Harvard Institute for Learning in Retirement

Hello again, my Dulcimer Friends,

Here’s a greatly intellectual and musical website find and it just might be your kind, like mine, because it seems to be combining community, conversation, intellect, academics, and visually cool musicality in virtual reality….through a program that I did not know existed until today:  
Click here for the Harvard Institute for Learning in Retirement blog….I didn’t study it long enough to find the professor’s name….I just went straight to the Youtube news and views.  I hope you enjoy it!

Richard & Mimi Farina

I found a couple of really good musical information sites and sounds this morning!

First, here’s a Youtube video of Richard & Mimi Farina with Pete Seeger:
I love the quality of this video “Rainbow Quest with Pete Seeger (Episode #16)….the music quality as well as the film production itself.  I don’t know where in the world I was when all this music was out there in our wonderful world!  But I’m certainly glad I am blessed with these clips of dulcimer blips in my musical online world now!
The other great find is a Harvard teacher’s blog related to Harry Smith‘s Anthology of Music, and I will post the blog link here, but also I will create a separate entry and post up that info….to do it justice, you know?…..It deserves it’s own recognition.
I hope these links are clickable…the blog software is doing very weird things today! 
Strummin’ Up,
[edited same day of publishing to add another URL]

The Dulcimer Girls

Tonight I came across a Youtube video of the Dulcimer Girls playing one of the songs from their new CD.  It’s a great video of them playing and singing together. 

I met Laura during my West Coast ’07 trip…and she was a beautiful and gracious hostess who made me feel warm and musical during my stay.  I hope to return the gesture and give her the gift of southern hospitality someday.
Here’s the Dulcimer Girls video:
Love it!
[Edited spelling 12-8-08….Thank goodness for Google Alerts bringing this entry to my attention!]