Brainstorming and Reflecting

As I’m browsing through files on my computer, I’m letting all the random ideas and memories begin to align themselves.  This is getting me excited, because after a few years of being held back, set back, wanting to experience the outback,….or whatever….my thoughts are beginning to align themselves with each good project I remember having completed.

I have shared this project on one of my blogs in the past, but alas….it is gone with the virtual wind, after not being able to pay for domain name renewal recently.  I am soooooooooo glad that I still have the computer file, though, because it makes me happy to be able to re-share this fun adventure.  
Here’s an iMovie I made in September 2005.  [If my use of their music overly offends any of these artists in the songs included in my project, I hope they will contact me, personally; because I would like to listen to their point of view about inspiring others.  It is not my intention to hurt anyone by adding fantastic music to homemade movies…and, with that disclaimer blatantly blogged up, I now hope folks enjoy this:

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