Monthly Archives: October 2012

Table Hill & Ken Parfrey, October 24, 2012

Yesterday Table Hill had a lot of fun playing with Ken Parfrey during lunch in the lane way for El Gordo in Bendigo, Vic, AU.  Here’s Megan Spencer’s photo.

It was a bit of a road trip, getting to play at El Gordo in Bendigo, but quite a lot of fun getting there and back to Daylesford in the Radio Springs Hotel courtesy bus!  

Problems With Sharing Music via GoDaddy’s QuickBlog

I have started using my new MacBook Air, OSX 10.8; and, apparently I cannot upload MP3 files to this blog with it.  I really do not want to work with two computers (my old MacBook Pro and this new MacBook Air) to do something that should be simple: sharing.  

I’m not sure how I will solve this problem.  In the meantime, I’ll upload songs on SoundCloud or Kiwi6.   Here’s my current SoundCloud player: