Monthly Archives: December 2014

The Holy Moly Revitalisation is Nearly Complete!

My husband and I have been working on revitalising an old masonic temple building in Clarksdale, Mississippi.  The work is nearly finished, and we are moving forward with planning workshops and concerts to be held in The Holy Moly Theatre upstairs.  Of course, my biggest interest is in hosting mountain and hammered dulcimer workshops with concerts. It has been a few years since the last time I hosted a house concert, but I am anxious to return to that fun!

There will be a bit of difference when I return to the facilitation of workshops and concerts, though, as I now have a real theatre and a real dining room and private apartments to offer as accommodation for instructors/performers and there is a local motel in walking distance for participants, right down the street.  This is so exciting!


I videoed Adrian singing and playing in the theatre, a few months ago, as a sound check and for the fun of it.  Everything looked and sounded good…..real…..ready.

I’m also happy to share this little video of Adrian singing his excitement about receiving his green card in 2014.

Happy New Year and happy green card to Adrian!!

As always, I am feeling blessed to be able to share this news via the WWW. I’m also very thankful that I have two wonderful countries to call “home.”