Monthly Archives: February 2016

Moving Forward

Adrian and I are in Australia, traveling, brainstorming, and searching for that thing we will do when we return to the U.S.A. next month.


We spent some time in Stanley, Tasmania, visiting a friend. While we were there, we played a few traditional American fiddle tunes on Australia Day!

dulcimer_7638It doesn’t seem to matter where we play dulcimers or Strumsticks, people are fascinated by these wonderful instruments.

Last night Table Hill played a few tunes (with our friend Phil) at the Leonards Hill Hall Country, Western, & Old Time Dance — an annual event that has continued for over 40 years.


It wasn’t easy for Adrian and me to play music and entertain people whenever we wanted, last year. We had built ourselves in to the restaurant business we were running. We focused all our physical and mental energy on moving forward with that part of The Holy Moly revitalisation project.

This year, we are still moving forward at The Holy Moly, but now that we have sold the restaurant and have good tenants in that corner of our building, we are focusing on adding more music in our lives.  We are working out the specific details of presenting music in The Holy Moly Theatre. I’ll write more about that soon.

Moving forward, I’m excited to say that my friend and bandmate, Phil, is planning to visit Clarksdale in Spring 2016!  Yay! Another Australian coming up to the Mississippi Delta for music!!



I can’t wait for Table Hill to play for you!