Spending Springtime in Australia

Adrian and I have returned to Daylesford, Victoria, Australia.

Adrian Kosky and Miss Jelly Bean at Tasma House
Adrian at home in Australia with Miss Jelly Bean

We are happy to be here enjoying a couple of months of spring before returning to enjoy autumn in Clarksdale, Mississippi (mid-November).  We are also enjoying spending quality time with Miss Jelly Bean.

On the 7th of November we will return to the Radio Springs Hotel in Lyonville, VIC, AU, as the Table Hill duo and play during dinnertime.  We’ll be missing our friend, Phil, who will still be on the road……bless his busking heart!  Hopefully, we’ll all-three be in the same place and time to play-away the time, sometime in early 2015.

Springtime at Tasma House and Gardens, Daylesford, Victoria, Australia
Springtime in Daylesford, Victoria, Australia, at Tasma House and Gardens 2014
Carla Maxwell and Miss Jelly Bean
Miss Jelly Bean welcoming me home in Australia (September 2014)

Yet another Memphis Dulcimer Blog

Recently, GoDaddy discontinued and deleted all the Quickblog blogs, so I have transferred all my Memphis Dulcimer blog posts to this wordpress blog.  Unfortunately, all my categories and keywords were lost in the transfer.  What could be transferred was transferred and what was lost was lost.  I’m lucky to have what information and recordings I have previously posted, as without the internet, I’m sure my personal history/activities would be forgotten. 

I like music, but I love peace of mind.  Without music, I cannot find peace of mind.  


Thank God for music blogs!

Table Hill +1 in Lyonville

Last night I was part of the Table Hill band trio at the Radio Springs Hotel, in Lyonville, Victoria, Australia.  We enjoyed having our +1 friend, Ken Parfrey, join in for some fun.  

Ken is one of the owners of the Radio Springs Hotel, located in a small country town that is affectionately known as the “centre of the universe” and not too far from where I live in Daylesford.  

Table Hill in Lyonville, December 20, 2013

Click on a link to listen to Table Hill.

Table Hill in Lyonville, September 5, 2013

These are my personal recordings.  Click on a link to listen to Table Hill:

Fly Around My Pretty Little Miss, performed by Table Hill, September 5, 2013, at the Radio Springs Hotel, Lyonville, Victoria, Australia

Table Hill Folk Art by Carla Maxwell

Table Hill in Lyonville, August 11, 2013

Click on a link to listen to one of my personal recordings of Table Hill at the Radio Springs Hotel, Lyonville, Victoria, Australia.

Table Hill Band Art
Table Hill Band Music

Table Hill in Lyonville, July 28, 2013

It feels really good to be back in Daylesford, Victoria, Australia, playing music at the Radio Springs Hotel again!  
These are my personal recordings.  I am thankful that I can make music with friends and share it in a variety of ways.  
Click on a link to listen to Table Hill:
Adrian and Carla

Off to the Juke Joint Festival in Clarksdale, Mississippi

Next week I’ll be returning to Clarksdale, Mississippi, after a month back here in Daylesford, down under. It’s been a lovely month here.  The weather is cooling and the leaves are changing to beautiful colors of gold, orange & red, every day.  

I have had a few chances to play music publicly, while I’ve been here. I am thankful for that! 
Last night the Table Hill band played at the Radio Springs Hotel in Lyonville, Victoria.  It was fun to be back together playing music with Phil. Our little band has been apart for way too long.  Here’s my little drawing of the three of us.
Table Hill band
So, I’ve got a few tunes that I am happy to share.  These are the last to be heard from Table Hill for a few months, as Adrian and I are traveling….off to the Juke Joint Festival in Clarksdale next week and then staying through June. 
Phil has a solo gig at the Rupanyup Dirt Music Festival on Sunday, April 4th. The next time we play together as Table Hill will be at the Radio Springs Hotel on July 5th. 
Here are a few of my recordings from Thai Night last night. Good sounds and yummy memories! 

Griots Gathering in Clarksdale, Mississippi

I am now a Mississippi strummer!   

Last night I enjoyed playing music with Adrian Kosky at the Griots Christmas Gathering in Clarksdale.  
What a wonderful gathering it was!  With a potluck dinner (including delicious berry cobbler for dessert), a visit from Santa, fellowship with new friends — the young and the young-at-heart — with a bit of mountain music thrown in for extra fun, it was a lovely event.
Also, today makes my postal presence official.  I have a new business address for The Holy Moly!  My mailing address in the U.S. is:
Carla Maxwell
The Holy Moly
P.O. Box 1531
Clarksdale, Mississippi, U.S.A.

From The Holy Moly

photo by Susan Gordon-Brown