Good Karma

The info below is from an entry I posted on another blog.  I really do need to learn that RSS stuff, I guess.

Today one of my friends in my dulcimer world sent me one of those forwarded messages that I’m supposed to forward to a number of folks with expectations to be rewarded and/or surprised by blessings. Although I don’t normally forward these kinds of things….this one particularly pleases me to share with anyone who chooses to read this blog. I think it is visually, emotionally, and intellectually stimulating. It came to me as a Powerpoint attachment to my friend’s email message. I changed the file to be a Quicktime movie, hoping that it would be more universally viewable. We will see if that concept is correct, if we can view the new version through this link on the forum blog. If the movie is not viewable, please feel free to email me. I can forward to you the original Powerpoint version.

I tried to add a comment to the file statistics/information before making a Quicktime movie out of the slideshow, so I could reference my source. However, it seems the comments I added were not kept. My friend’s Powerpoint file statistics show that, after I changed it to the Quicktime movie, the file has been edited 17 times and that editing took over 130 minutes. The statistics also indicate the original file was created September 25, 2008, at 11:11 p.m. [ Hey, Mz. Margz! That’s Angel Time!!]

Along with the Quicktime movie, I’m happy to share this website that you might like:

Here’s a link to the Quicktime version of the Powerpoint visual presentation that my friend sent me:



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