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March 2008 meeting of the Memphis Area Mountain Dulcimer Club

Hey Friends,

The March 2008 meeting of the Memphis Area Mountain Dulcimer Club willbe at my house on March 2nd.  The club is in its 7th year, believe itor not!  Hosting the monthly club meetings has been a wonderful thingfor me, as that has helped keep my enthusiasm high for the blessings of sweet music and friendship…

Here are a few pictures of our recent meeting:



Hammers flyin’

Here’s a pic I love….Steve Eulberg hammerin’ away on his hammer dulcimer whilst Adrian Kosky keeps up on his Gibson guitar — music played and not rehearsed.. spontaneous for Adrian as Steve plays and Adrian adds the embellishing to an unfamiliar tune….not knowing where Steve is going next but trusting the vibe to lead them both in and out of chord progression….pretty cool to hear and exciting to watch.

Steve Eulberg and Adrian Kosky in my living room

Just looking through some of my house concert pics.  Found this one that highlights the last performance…Steve Eulberg’s duet with Adrian Kosky…guitar and mountain dulcimer soundin’ REALLY good in an improv-y jammy kinda way that you only get to hear from the best of the best muso’s, ya know?  The kind of musicians who just play off of one another by listening to the groove and finding their place to be in the melody… was Good Music.


More pictures later….


Steve Eulberg –Thank You for a Wonderful House Concert!!

Hey Everyone,

Wow, I wish ALL my friends and family could have been in my living room for Steve’s performance.  It was terrific!  Steve might have thought he had a bit of a challenge, I imagine, in winning over the hearts of the folks who were not familiar with his music and didn’t know him.  However, it seemed getting everyone’s toes tapping and heads nodding and car keys jingling was as easy as eating a piece of cheese cake, if ya know what I mean!! 

Steve Eulberg is an interesting and entertainingly friendly fellow.  He came from Colorado to the Folk Alliance’s Internatonal Folk Festival show case at the Marriott in downtown Memphis and for his part in a board meeting of the Local 1000 (traveling musicians’ union).  He was a busy person as he kept his head, heart, and music in the two places he needed to be:  downtown amidst the international business and performances of folk music and the cozy comfortable dulcimer folk world in my living room….and he did a beautiful job of it. 

I’m on the road again!  Right now I’m sitting at the office computer in the Shack Up Inn in Clarksdale, MS.  I’ll write more later…about the documentary film making that is going on down here in the Delta. 

Just wanted to say hello, thank Steve, and tell everyone who joined in the fun at my house concert last Friday that I appreciate your trusting me to help provide you with one more evening of friendship and sweet music in our wonderful world.

More later….

With love and music in my heart, 

Your friend,


Memphis Area Mountain Dulcimer Club Meeting March 2008

[originally posted in February 2008 on , copied and reposted here on 4/11/2009]

Greetings dulcimer players:

Our last meeting was an enjoyable one as we played songs in E minor. If you were not able to attend you missed a good time!

Our March meeting will be on Sunday afternoon, March 2 from 3-5pm at Carla’s house. Since we deviated from our standard DAd in February, let’s try a little more deviation by playing some of the songs we have in DGD (key of G). All it will take is tuning our middle string down to G from A. If you really want a challenge you can try to play these songs by capoing on fret number 3!

Some of the songs we will be playing are:

Bile Dem Cabbage (I know we don’t have this one tabbed in G, so try to find it on your dulcimer)

Angelina Baker

Barlow Knife

Close to Thee (Flat picked)

Cock O’ The North Jig

Flop Eared Mule

Handsome Molly

The Spanish Lady (flat picked)

Will the Circle be Unbroken

If you do not have tablature to these songs email me at magowandulcimers @ and I will have copies made up for you at the meeting.

Hope to see you there.


Steve Eulberg House Concert and Workshop

[originally published in February 2008 on , copied and reposted here with changed formatting on 4/11/2009]

Hey Friends,

Steve Eulberg is headed this way for the International Folk Festival this weekend. He has graciously agreed to perform in a house concert for us and teach a workshop. Friday night, 7:00, February 22, 2008, at my house….come enjoy the evening of music and friendship.

Not too long ago, I enjoyed hearing Steve perform at the Stephen Foster Folk Center in White Springs, Florida, at the Suwannee Dulcimer Retreat. And, lately, I have enjoyed listening to Steve’s latest CD which I purchased from CDBaby. Steve performs music using hammer dulcimer, guitar, mountain dulcimer, and his voice as his instruments. I’m excited to invite you to come join us for this sure-to-be-fabulous event.

Steve is taking time on Saturday, February 23, 2008, to offer a two-hour workshop, and he will be happy to plan his instruction to what is requested from dulcimer players in our area.

Click on the link “House Concert Blog” at the left under this website’s main menu for pictures of past house concerts and more info about Steve Eulberg.

Or visit:
Tickets for my house concert are $10.00. All money collected is paid to the performers.

Steve Eulberg House Concert & Workshop, February 22-23, 2008

Hi Friends,

I spoke with Steve this afternoon….chitchatting about the house concert and workshop schedule.  Sounds like he has a busy time lined up at the International Folk Festival at the Marriott hotel in downtown, Memphis, but he is excited about the Friday night concert and workshop here Saturday. 

Adrian Kosky will with us too….performing his original tunes and jamming some with Steve.  It will be another fabulous evening of music and friendship. 

The details:

Steve Eulberg, Singer/Songwriter, Hammer Dulcimer, Mountain Dulcimer, Guitar
Adrian Kosky, Singer/Songwriter, Mountain Dulcimer, Guitar
Friday night 7 p.m.
$10 tickets can be paid at the door
All house concert money paid to performer(s)
Call me for directions:  901-270-3585
Invite others!

Steve Eulberg House Concert, February 2008

Hi Folks!

It’s an honor to announce my next house concert:  Steve Eulberg!

Steve will be traveling to Memphis from his home town of Fort Collins, Colorado, for this year’s International Folk Festival.  While Steve is here in my neck of the woods, he will perform in my living room….and, if I’m lucky, Adrian Kosky will make the introduction and do the warming up of the house concert audience as well as sing a tune or two for us….  Please visit Steve‘s website at: to learn more about Steve.  I’m looking forward to another warm and musical evening with Steve and many of my other friends. 

If you have any questions, please call me at 901-270-3585.